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Swimwear & Bikini > Sinful Bikini > Sinful Womens Bikini > Sinful Womens Swimwear Sexy Bikini Sale (17)

Sinful Womens Swimwear Sexy Bikini Sale (17)

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UnderwearWithout a doubt, underwear is the one garment youll buy more often than any other. But resist the temptation to grab whatevers on saleill-fitting underwear can ruin a perfectly fabulous outfit by creating bulges and panty lines.

Bikini underwear has a waistband that rests below the belly button and on the hips. A string bikini has very narrow strips of fabric rather than side panels. Boy shorts fit low on the hips, and the legs extend to the top of the thigh. Tap pants are like short shorts with looser fit and a slight flare at the hem. Briefs have a waistband that rests at or just below the navel, and the backside is cut full. Control briefs have added support to flatten the tummy and derriere. Briefs with a French cut have high-cut legs. Thongs leave the rear mostly exposed so theres no fear of panty lines.

Underwear should fit close to your body but not so tightly that it digs into your skin. Along your rear, no matter what style you choose, the back of the underwear should be symmetrical. If theyre tugging anywhere, swap sizes. The waistband and leg openings should also be formfitting but not too tight.

Cotton is an excellent choice for its comfort, breathability and durability (plus, its really easy to care for). Lycra, which is usually blended with cotton or silk, can give undergarments extra stretch and flexibility to mold to your shape. Underwear made of microfiber is often seamless and virtually invisible under clothes, with no clingy elastic. Silk is luxurious and lightweight and drapes beautifully against the skin, but the delicate fabric needs to be handled with care.

Never put underwear in the dryer because the heat can cause the elastic to break down and stretch. Most underwear can be machine washed in a lingerie bag, using cold water and the most gentle setting. If youre handwashing (which can help extend the life of underwear), use cold water and a mild detergent and let panties soak for an hour before rinsing and hanging on a drying rack.


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